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Dr. Joseph J. Licitra, DC is United Health Care chiropractor located conveniently in Clifton. When taking into consideration your healthcare opportunities, chiropractors for UnitedHealthCare patients should be at the top of your list. Many people have a tough time understanding the long-term advantages chiropractic care has to exhibit.

The desire of many chiropractors in Clifton is to not only help you be aware of what chiropractic care is. But also present you and your family members the favorable effect it can have on your overall health and well-being. Find out if Dr Licitra is in your plan FIND A PROVIDER

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Chiropractic Clifton NJ Dr. Joseph Licitra, DC

Dr. Joseph Licitra, DC
925 Allwood Road
Clifton, NJ 07012
(973) 470-0632

Getting your spine aligned through chiropractic care has been shown to help all types of problems stretching from back pain to accidents. This method is non-invasive, is focused on aligning the spine, and is a natural solution to pain relief. This is what represents a chiropractic adjustment preformed by Dr. Joseph J. Licitra who is a United Health Care Provider . Everyone recognizes that chiropractors help back pain but there are a lot of other ailments that seeing a chiropractor can help. Just to name a few are injuries from car accidents, body pains, sciatica, migraines.