Chiropractic Adjustment & Manipulation (Non-Force Available) in Bloomfield

Chiropractic Bloomfield NJ Chiropractic Adjustment

What is Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment in Bloomfield, or manipulation as it’s sometimes referred to, is the minor manual movement of vertebrae in the spine. As a patient rests on an inversion table, a chiropractor uses hand pressure or an instrument to move vertebrae back into place. When a vertebra returns to its normal state, it makes a cracking noise known as joint cavitation, where oxygen and nitrogen are released from the joint. With a trained chiropractor like Dr. Joseph Licitra, this type of therapy is often painless and always effective.

Why Should I Receive Chiropractic Adjustment in Bloomfield?

When vertebrae are out of place, the resulting systemic effect creates overall discomfort from the muscular to the nervous system. Because vertebrae sometimes move out of place through daily activity, adjustment is essential in reversing a slipped disc to alleviate back pain. Adjustment is vital to those who have gone through trauma, including automobile accidents and sports injuries, because vertebrae must be realigned before serious damage can set in. Your spine’s proper alignment is integral to your functioning at your peak. With chiropractic adjustment, the body becomes aligned and performs at its optimal level. Through this type of therapy, your body can again respond and function the way it was designed to.


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