Chiropractic Testimonials

"Great doctor very caring and knowledgeable."

- Annemarie M.

"I have been going to Dr. Licitra for over 20 years. I'm in the travel industry and I fly a lot - especially internationally (although not this spring/summer). My back always gets messed up during flights, but Dr. Joe saves me!"

- Marian G.

"When I first went to see Dr. Licitra, it was what I considered my last shot at staying out of the operating room after a severe degenerative disc disease flare up. I hadn't been able to lay down or sleep in a bed for months. I was so bad Doc had to work on me initially sitting up, but it didn't take long to start getting results! Now nearly three years after that last severe flare up, I see Dr. Licitra mostly for maintenance. From time to time for minor flare ups before they become sever Doc gets me back in tip top shape. Dr. Licitra has a special gift for healing with his hands, Dr. Joe is one of the most caring and compassionate professionals I have ever been to. Highly recommended to anyone!! Thanks to Dr. Joseph Licitra I got my mobility and quality of life back."

- Jane C.

"Dr Licitra helped me 20 years ago when I could hardly walk with sciatica. Got me back on track. Recently reoccurrence with sciatica. Called Doc, two visits and feeling relief and finally sleeping. Doc takes the time with you and explains just what he does. Always believed in chiropractic, just never kept up with it, but it is true , the spine controls the health. All I know I was in such pain and could not sleep and now I am more comfortable and am finally sleeping better. thanks"

- Debbie G.

"He was the only one that could help me get rid of my pain!"

- Joshua B.

"I recovered from back pain remarkably quickly with Dr. Licitra. After one week, I am off muscle relaxants, pain killers, even NSAIDs. He is a very good diagnostician and his approach is both gentle and effective."

- Dan P.

"I cannot say enough things about the treatment and service I received from Dr.Licitra. I was a happy patient after completing my series of treatments.Dr.Joseph is awesome. I have recommended family and friends to this place because of the results I received."

- Luba G.

"I have been a patient of Dr Licitra since 1990 . He can manage your pain so you can get some range of motion , flexibility back and overall better wellness. Dr Licitra has helped with my low back, neck pain and hip pain. Your are in the best of hands."

- Ronald S.

"Dr. Joe has been taking care of our family for years, from our newborns onward. Aligning us body and mind. We love him. Thanks Dr Magic Hands!"

- Todd M.

I've been a patient of Dr. Joe for 3 yrs. He is a Super caring Doctor and knows exactly how to treat people, both professionally and personally. When I first walked into his office I was on crutches and with Dr Joe's treatment I am now crutch-free and working out at a gym. He treated me for my pain and encouraged me to push forward.

- Barbara D.

“I highly recommend Dr. Joseph J. Licitra to anyone looking for an amazing chiropractor that truly cares about your well being!”

- Justin R.

“Dr. Joe is by far the BEST chiropractor. Overall. He's kind and takes the time to explain what he's doing and why. I'd recommend Dr. Joe to anyone.”

- Craig V.

“I am happy to share two major thumbs up on behalf of Dr. Licitra to anyone seeking a thorough, caring, and always willing to help chiropractor.”

- Scott P.


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